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Tax Tips


  • Looking for money for college?  Consider using IRA money.
    Ask me how to do it without penalty.
  • Are you self-employed and looking to sock away money for retirement?  
    Consider an individual 401(k).  Let me show how how you can defer the largest amounts possible.
  • Do you want to reduce your taxes on stock sales by as much as half? Take advantage of the 15% capital gain but holding that stock for just a little bit longer.  Ask me for details.
  • Kids in college, but you don't qualify for a credit?  Let me show you another option. 
  • Do you work in the construction industry and are looking at a way to knock out a quick $9,000 or more on your tax bill?  Yes, you can really do that.  Just call.

Want to learn more?  Contact us.

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